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Future Integrated Pest Management 3.0 Brokerage Event 2017

The main challenges for agriculture worldwide are sustainable production and the reduction of risks and impacts of pesticide use on human health and the environment, using alternative approaches and techniques.  All stakeholders, including citizens, are expecting production systems to become more sustainable, while supplying healthier and safer food and protecting the environment and its biodiversity. Research on low-risk substances and bio-pesticides as well as on other nonchemical alternatives is progressing rapidly and farmers will have increased access to innovative tools in plant protection and production. 
The Future IPM 3.0 Conference represents a unique event to share scientific, technical and regulatory information with the objective to promote knowledge exchange among scientists, companies, farmers, advisors, policy makers and stakeholders, to identify approaches, tools and techniques to meet the future needs of European crop protection.  
The Brokerage Event, organised during the Conference, has the main objective to promote technological, research and business partnership among companies, farmers and researchers, to share approaches, tools and techniques to meet the future needs of crop protection. 
The three selected subjects in the field of sustainable agriculture are: 
  • PRODUCTS (biopesticides, semiochemical-based technologies to control pests, traps, compost and fertilizers)
  • ICT and MECHATRONIC SOLUTIONS (decision support systems, app, software and hardware for agriculture, services, spray technologies, low-carbon emission equipment, automation in agriculture, drones)
  • INFRASTRUCTURE (plastic and glass protection, insect-proof and hail nets, light and water management technologies)
The Brokerage Event is organized by the Enterprise Europe Network and is open to Conference delegates as well as external participants. 
Further details and registration go to Future Integrated Pest Management 3.0 Brokerage Event 2017

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