Are you ready to go international?


Ready2Go is looking to help dynamic small and medium-sized European businesses to go global. This new European Commission pilot project is managed by an international consortium led by Promos Milan in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network.
Five target countries
Ready2Go will help 80 companies expand in five target countries: Cameroon, Chile, India, Canada and the US. How?
The secret to international success is knowing how to deal with the challenges of specific foreign markets. And making the right connections. This is why Ready2Go provides an individual training and coaching programme as well as matchmaking and networking activities which will allow participants to build valuable relationships with companies in their target countries.
An attractive programme
The beneficiary companies will enjoy:
  • a 3-day individual training and coaching programme on their own premises between June and August 2017
  • two 2-day training courses taking place in five different cultural hubs in Europe between July and October 2017
  • tailored support to draft their business internationalisation plan
  • up to two matchmaking events in the target countries between November 2017 and July 2018
Eligible companies
To take part in the Ready2Go activities we are looking for 80 healthy and dynamic micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are:
  • able to compete in foreign markets
  • with a clear growth-potential but with
  • limited experience in foreign markets
To apply for the Ready2Go programme, your company must be:
  • established in an EU member state or in a COSME participating country (i.e. Albania, Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, FYROM, Iceland, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia & Turkey)
  • active in a productive sector (consultancy firms and professional services are not included)
  • able to work in English
Apply for the Ready2Go project
Interested companies need to take part in the call for applicants and submit their application on no later than 31 March 2017.
All details are available at Ready2Go